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Sales Force Development & Training

Create a peak performance sales team

Enabling a consistent and peak-performance sales organization requires a comprehensive training curriculum, covering skills, knowledge and tools that support the overall sales process.  Training needs to be as scalable as it is practical, accommodating groups of varying sizes while remaining both easy to implement and easy to coach.  We design our training programs with those key needs in mind.  Additionally, we customize our training to reflect realistic selling situations and include exercises for on-going reinforcement to keep the skills fresh.

Programs for Sales People
Programs for Sales Managers

We provide training in the following areas:

  • Identifying core competencies
    Effective training begins with identifying the core competencies your team needs to support key processes whether for sales, sales management, operations, or client service.  This leads to more effective recruiting, hiring and on-boarding.
  • Knowledge training
    Selling skills are of little value if salespeople lack a clear grasp of what they are selling, the value it delivers, who they are selling to, and how to present comprehensive solutions that are differentiated from their competitors.  Too many salespeople assume needs and “tell” prospects about what they have to offer.  We focus on developing a consultative approach that differentiates your sales force with training in the following areas:
  • Understanding the customer’s business environment
    What external and internal issues are your customers dealing with?  What impact do these issues have on their decision-making and how can you use this information to craft a business message around their needs?
  • Products and services
    What are they? How do they work?  How do you explain what your solutions mean to the customer in the most compelling way?
  • Positioning
    How do you position your value against your competitors?
  • Skills training
  • Pre-call planning
    This includes industry trends and account research, account segmentation, decision-making analysis (decision makers and influencers), anticipated needs and solutions and contact strategy
  • Qualifying
    What accounts have the potential for business?  Who has the authority to make decisions?  Is there a budget to support solutions? How can a rep use probing to size up potential and determine a sales opportunity?
  • Getting the appointment
    Developing an initial value statement that engages your prospects’ attention and helps the rep “earn the right” to engage and further explore customer needs
  • Using a consultative strategy
    Developing and using a consultative probing strategy to gain deep understanding of the client needs and shape a clear and mutual understanding of those needs
  • Handling push back
    Surfacing and handling customers’ objections and concerns
  • Closing
    How to close and gain customer commitment
  • Presentation skills
    Improving platform skills to ensure that reps effectively and persuasively present a solution and handle objections

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 Programs For Sales People:

  • Optimizing Core Selling Skills
    Learn how to become a consultative problem-solver in face-to-face sales situations. How to move customers through the steps of the sales cycle. Understand the strategic goals of your customers and create long-term solutions based on trusted, value-added relationships.  Also learn how to facilitate informed decisions with high levels of professionalism and customer satisfaction.
    Who Should Attend: New And Experienced Sales Professionals
    3 days

  • Optimizing Sales Negotiations
    Learn how to negotiate mutually-satisfying agreements with your customers.  How and when to negotiate effectively. Understand the clear structure that underlies all negotiations. Gain specific strategies and tactics for their real world challenges. Learn how to achieve a robust win/win that actually improves long-term relationships with your clients.
    Who Should Attend: Experienced Sales Professionals And Sales Managers
    2 days

  • Optimizing Strategic Account Management
    Learn how to develop plans for more profitable accounts. How to understand the perspectives of key decision makers and influencers in the account relationship and buying process.  How to analyze technical and personal factors driving the value of potential accounts. Learn actions to take and to avoid for different types of buyers.  Also learn buying criteria to assess the competitive field relative to your own organization.  You will also learn how to optimize your account planning with key actions to improve your effectiveness in high priority accounts.
    Who Should Attend:
     Experienced Sales People With Key Account Responsibility
    2 days

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Programs For Sales Managers:

Getting the best ROI from your sales efforts requires managers to coach to a fundamental level of knowledge, skills and processes.

Our training for sales managers includes:

  • Coaching the Fundamentals
  • Roles of the sales manager
  • Sales coaching
  • Pre-call planning
  • Sales call observation
  • Post-call debriefing
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Sales incentives and compensation execution
  • Implementing CRM, metrics and accountability

Who Should Attend:  Sales Managers
Length: 2 days

Field Coaching
We support the execution of process, skills and effective sales management by providing field coaching services to sales leaders and their teams. We help sales managers understand their role in the coaching process and build coaching programs to drive feedback and performance improvement.  Our trainers and consultants are available to participate in joint sales calls with your sales people and sales managers. In doing so, they can generate unique insights that propel meaningful client relationships and sales opportunities.  Our work with sales leadership teams address the following:

  • Skill assessment and competencies
  • Sales recruiting [Screening, interviewing, selection of sales talent]
  • Territory planning
  • Account assignment
  • Pre-call planning
  • Sales call execution
  • Post call evaluation and feedback
  • Forecasting
  • Opportunity management and CRM adoption
  • Sales manager coaching (Coaching the coach)

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