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Bloomberg Government Microsoft Gill Action IVANS
Bloomberg Government Microsoft Gill Action IVANS

In Their Own Words

 "I have worked with some very talented executive coaches with great success in leadership development, but Kevin is in a class of his own.  He is one part psychotherapist, one part zen master and one part hard-driving COO.  This combination offers up a unique opportunity to dig deep into root cause and behavior, to calmly lay out action plans to address, and to ensure that these plans will have high impact on the business.  To top it off, Kevin is lovely to work with and a person whom I trust completely and enjoy personally."
– Kya Sainsbury-Carter, Senior Director, US Account Services Group, Advertising & Online, Microsoft

"Kevin Corcoran has been a critical partner in our work over the past 4 years.  Working directly with our leadership team, he has helped organize and facilitate team meetings and provided personal coaching to key staff members.   Kevin's insights as an external and experienced advisor have been valuable in focusing all levels of our organization's effectiveness and results."
– Joanne Kron, Managing Director, Gill Action

"I have worked with Kevin over the course of several years, and through multiple roles within different sales organizations…Kevin has been a fantastic resource who asks the right questions and gives me advice that is tactical and hits the mark. After moving to a new role at a different company, Kevin was my first phone call. I still implement his advice daily. He truly gave me the tools to succeed in a sales organization."
– Arielle Elliot, Manager, Sales Training, Bloomberg Government