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U.S. Chamber of Commerce IVANS Canoe Ventures, LLC Event Connections Group
 U.S. Chamber of Commerce   IVANS   Canoe Ventures, LLC   Event Connections Group 

In Their Own Words

"Kevin has been an invaluable partner over the last 10 years by giving Event Connections Group the opportunity to operate many of his clients' events and conferences. This partnership is a perfect match simply based on Kevin's clear strategic vision and messaging expertise and ECG's ability to execute successful programs under Kevin's direction. As Executive Producer, Kevin is a master at creating a vision and orchestrating resources and teams to follow. He's a font of great ideas and always looks for ways to enhance the experience for all attendees and client executives. He often leverages his deep Rolodex of talent and connections to bring the 'wow' factor to every program he produces. His conferences and events get rave reviews with very satisfied clients. ECG looks forward to continuing this unique and dynamic partnership for the long term."
– Jack Hartley, President, Event Connections Group