Empowering Peak Performance

Driving Sales Best Practices & Results

Hancock Information Group, Inc.

Hancock Information Group, Inc.[HIG] offers business-to-business sales and marketing support services to the technical and financial industry.  The company provides services ranging from lead generation and management to database solutions for leading brands such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, and Dell.


Although rich in great prospects, HIG wasn’t growing and leveraging its brand as the high-end market leader in telemarketing and lead generation.  Its sales team’s motivation was very low and the owner and chief sales leader was struggling to rally the troops.


Hancock’s CEO enlisted Kevin Corcoran to address the company’s performance challenges.  Beginning by facilitating Hancock’s monthly leadership meetings, Kevin brought structure to the company’s sales strategy and go-to-market approach.

“Kevin helped us lay out a differentiated sales and operations process that drove best practices first to the sales team, and then to our whole organization,” said Susan Hancock, former Hancock CEO.  Additionally, he coached the company’s sales team and helped attract new talent to drive growth.  His onboarding program also ensured that new reps were able to generate revenue quickly and become fully productive.


“Kevin helped us strategize for, sell and acquire HP, Tandem and NCR which became huge accounts for us,” said Hancock. “In the three years he worked with our team, we were able to double our sales and vastly improve our bottom line EBITA.”

HIG’s success drew the attention of many larger telemarketing and sales research organizations. “Kevin’s direction and support helped us to sell our business to a division of Barry Diller’s IAC 2 years later,” Hancock added.

Additionally, Kevin’s impact on the company enabled it to conclude its transaction with the new owner more quickly. “Because of Kevin’s best practices and solid sales, operations and service business processes, we were able to step away from the business immediately with cash in hand,” said Hancock.   “It was seamless and, a year later, we received the full 5% hold back in recognition that the company, its people, processes and systems were solid.”