Empowering Peak Performance

Building A Peak Performance Sales Process & Team


IVANS is a network services company that provides technology, software and consulting enabling insurance and healthcare industries to communicate more effectively with multiple insurance companies, agents, providers, and consumers.


With technological advances and the growth of the web, IVANS faced a challenge of outdated landline technology and a sales organization that hadn’t adapted to today’s changing marketplace. The team was unable to engage clients and prospects in the consultative conversations that drive the need for more sophisticated and expensive solutions.

Additionally, with little or no forecasting, the company’s executives were reluctant to invest in new products or support existing solutions.  As a result, the company was losing market share to upstart competitors.


IVANS’ executive team enlisted Kevin Corcoran to clarify their go-to-market strategy with new products and services.  Under Kevin’s guidance, the company deployed a solutions selling strategy that enabled the sales team to gain a deeper understanding of client needs and present more compelling solutions.

Kevin helped redesign the company’s sales process and revised key job descriptions to ensure the right people effectively executed that process.  He also developed recruiting and on-boarding strategies to hire, train and coach top performers.  With the team in place, he trained them in core selling skills to develop and improve upon needed competencies in addition to starting a process for coaching sales managers to coach and nurture those skills with the sales force.

Finally, Kevin implemented a number of other key measures including a forecasting strategy and process enabled by their CRM system; ongoing reinforcement modules to be delivered at the company’s annual and midyear sales meetings; and an annual territory planning process with quarterly review meetings.


In two years, Kevin and his team completely re-engineered IVANS’ sales organization and re-aligned resources to drive greater value for customers as well as increase revenue and profits. He continues to support the growth strategies of the organization with executive coaching and sales reinforcement programs.