Empowering Peak Performance

Sales Process Design

Design your engine for the optimal customer experience

Who Should Attend:  Sales, Service, Business Development, and Marketing Teams
Length: 2 Days

Once your go-to-market strategy is defined, we bring together the best thinking of your cross-functional team to determine how to create and execute a world-class sales process.  We provide a blueprint for executing your go-to-market strategy. Our goal is to differentiate your company and products and deliver maximum value for your customers in each revenue stream. We facilitate a Process Design session with senior line managers and individual contributors charged with sales, marketing and/or business development.

The workshop provides activities in the following areas:

  •  Defining the ideal customer relationship
    • We help you define the ideal customer experience and show you how your strategy can create competitive advantage over the competition
    • We help you identify the critical phases of your go-to-market processes including pre-sale preparation, face-to face selling, solution implementation, service, and ongoing relationship building.
  • Mapping your customer relationship strategy phase-by-phase

    We help you:

    • Identify best marketing practices for targeting and attracting the customer
    • Identify best sales practices for engaging and winning the customer
    • Identify best service practices for maintaining and restoring customer relationships
    • Identify best development practices for expanding customer relationships
    • Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and internal handoffs
    • Identify tools, information, and systems required to enable and support each phase
    • Align business requirements with existing or anticipated CRM tools
    • Consider opportunities to enhance the process by adding steps, activities and information at every stage to drive the customer experience

Key Benefits: 

  • Fosters critical thinking: Our Sales Process Design session encourages deeper thinking. It delves into behaviors and habits of your people and organization that are helping or hindering a single, powerful go-to-market sales strategy.  Instead of focusing on what you are doing today, we focus on what you will do to create the customer experience that sets you apart.  The engagement identifies consistent best practices, efficient deployment of resources and added value to exceed customer expectations.
  • Delivers outside perspective and insights: We create the environment, intellectual stimulation, tools, leadership, methods and discipline to help sales, service, and marketing organizations craft the future in a new light — and think smartly about winning the market.
  • Provides powerful performance tools: We also provide a set of performance tools for recruiting, on-boarding, training, coaching sales personnel and for guiding the execution of your customer growth strategy. Most importantly, we provide a Customer Relationship Playbook — a valuable document that details effective customer-centric process design.
  • Provides a blueprint for alignment: Knowing that information is a critical factor in differentiating customer experiences, we also provide a “blueprint” for aligning CRM technology to support your key processes.