Empowering Peak Performance

Go-To-Market Strategy

Ensure the best return on your sales and marketing investment

Who Should Attend: Senior Leadership Team
Length: 2 Days

We lead your senior executive team through an enlightening process to determine the ideal customer experience to succeed in today’s competitive and evolving business environment.  We examine four go-to-market strategy models.  We review each relative to how your organization engages customers, delivers its value proposition, creates an overall customer experience, and deploys people and technology to execute your strategy.

Our goal is to review market segments or revenue streams which have the greatest strategic impact on your organization’s future.  Assessing your resources, we determine where to focus your people, technology and tools to deliver the greatest return on your sales and marketing investment.

This engagement also includes a facilitated assessment of the implications of your go-to-market decisions. We examine how they impact key functional areas of your organization that determine and support the customer experience such as sales, marketing, HR, IT and customer service/fulfillment. Where appropriate, we recommend steps for organization alignment and change management and even provide a 100-day action plan to execute them.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures clarity:  A go-to-market strategy creates an ideal customer experience that differentiates you from the competition.  A company’s internal functions and profitability seldom suffer from a lack of good intentions but, instead, from a lack of clarity about the company’s competitive go-to-market strategy. This workshop ensures consistency across the business functions that support your strategy. It clarifies and refines your go-to-market strategy to focus your organization on priority revenue streams.
  • Ensures alignment:  With a clear strategy established, it is important to determine how marketing, sales, human resources, technology, and fulfillment can be aligned to efficiently execute that strategy.  This workshop ensures that everyone plays from the same playbook. It creates a context that drives all other strategic and tactical decisions about how your company can compete and win.

Other Important Benefits:

  • Focuses attention on each business function’s relationship and responsibilities to drive and support your strategy
  • Creates reference points and a common language to overcome internal barriers to your strategy
  • Identifies critical next steps around maximizing your revenue
  • Adds a customer-focused context to all internal debates and discussions
  • Builds confidence and excitement within your sales and marketing ranks