Empowering Peak Performance

The Customer Experience

Win customers for life

Who Should Attend: Sales and Marketing Leadership
Length:  ½ to 1 day

Learn how to create the ultimate customer experience in our Customer Experience workshop.  We help you execute powerful  “voice of the customer” strategies and build tactics to bring these experiences alive through your people and processes.  Planning and facilitating informative focus groups, we help you gain feedback and insights into your customers’ expectations for your organization and its products and services.

We also help you identify unique process steps and value-added enhancements to create a differentiated customer experience — from your initial prospecting to your long-term account management.

Best of all, we show you the optimal use of your resources to create the “wow” factor in every customer interaction. The result is lasting customer relationships based on effectively meeting your customers’ needs and wants.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to execute  “voice of the customer” strategies to powerfully meet customer expectations
  • Learn how to differentiate your organization through unique customer processes and value-added enhancements
  • Learn how to build the “wow” factor into every customer interaction to create lasting customer relationships