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Microsoft Advertising Public Broadcasting System IVANS National Journal Group
Microsoft Advertising Public Broadcasting System IVANS National Journal Group

The Atlantic

Specific Media Canoe Ventures, LLC Bloomberg
The Atlantic Specific Media Canoe Ventures, LLC Bloomberg


In Their Own Words

"Kevin is a master of sales strategy and process, creating clarity, establishing focus, and driving results. By facilitating communication and collaboration within organizations, he creates efficiencies that lead to increased effectiveness.  Kevin is not only smart but also insightful and is a great asset for companies looking to develop or improve their performance."
– Vicki Lins, Chief Marketing Officer, Canoe Ventures

"Our membership team struggled for years with both member recruitment and member retention, particularly in the small and mid-sized segment.  Working with Kevin, we identified opportunities for improvement in the way we recruited and serviced members. We proceeded to restructure the entire team and our sales process.  Kevin helped create the new sales and service processes and training manuals.  We then had Kevin run a two-day training session for the team to kick off the new approach.  We noticed an immediate improvement in both member recruitment and retention, and the team is now on pace to deliver record results."
LeAnne Wilson, Former COO, National Association of Manufacturers

"One of my favorite things about working with Kevin and his team is his flexibility. His pure willingness to meet any management challenge thrown at him, provide counsel, and think of new ways to add value.   I had a fairly new management team. Many were promoted from within.  Kevin helped me create and execute on a plan to develop the team — through development of measurements and tools, team values exercises, individual coaching and development, and regular meetings and discussion.   Kevin's impact was significant.  His participation was so seamless we often forgot he was a consultant and viewed him as a member of the team."
– Clare DeNicola, CEO, IVANS

"Kevin has done significant work with me at both Microsoft and Yahoo, helping to improve performance and sales effectiveness. He has impacted my organization with fantastic work in the areas of leadership coaching and development, team facilitation, and sales process engineering. His work has directly resulted in increased advertiser satisfaction, greater recognized revenue and both leadership and employee satisfaction.  Kevin rises above the rest because of his unique skill-set: deep sales process and effectiveness knowledge, direct sales experience, and a unique ability to translate this across different industries – all packaged with excellent coaching/consultant capabilities. I have never seen someone as effective at 'getting to the core' of the issues and fostering solutions for both individuals and groups as Kevin. His charisma, style, and character make him both incredibly effective and enjoyable to work with. He certainly supports my business but I also rely personally on his coaching and I credit much of my own career success to his direction and guidance."
– David Gerbitz, Vice President, Client Services, Sales Strategy & Operations, Yahoo!